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Angie Attwood Designs

The story so far

After a successful career as a graphic designer/art director spanning over 20 years, in 2010 I embarked upon a new career path in textiles, following my passion to ‘make’. After completing a C&G’s in Machine Embroidery and Innovative Textiles, I designed and produced a small range of textile art kits whilst working as a sales consultant and demonstrator of sewing machines. My kits emerged from being invited to write for Stitch, The Embroiderers' Guild magazine.

Having trained and worked as a Graphic Designer, I'm visually drawn to strong graphic shapes and repetitive patterns. Inspiration frequently comes from architecture, flora or fauna. My making processes can vary widely, depending on the project type but can include patchwork, free-motion embroidery and/or quilting, ruler work, various types of appliqué, printing, dyeing and sometimes a little hand embroidery too.

With my early interest purely in textile art I believe it was my love of texture that lured me down a patchwork and quilting path to find machine quilting and specifically ruler work, which I now specialise in. I love the feel and visual texture of something quilted and naturally, I’m drawn to the geometric patterns of patchwork.

In Spring 2016, I was invited to test a new innovative quilting foot, which I was hugely inspired by.
Since its launch in the UK that same year, it has rather taken over my life, in a good way I might add. I’m a huge advocate and proudly, one of only two Westalee Design Accredited Tutors and Demonstrators in the UK. You will find me demonstrating Westalee Quilting Rulers at shows such as Festival of Quilts, NEC and Quilts UK, Malvern with the Cottonpatch, the main Westalee distributor in the UK. 

Teaching is a big part of what I do. I have a passion to share my love of stitch and design and enjoy meeting and interacting with like-minded people. I travel nationwide offering a range of workshops in ruler work for all skill levels. Click here for more details.

During the summer of 2016, I was invited to meet with a team of people working to launch a new tv channel completely dedicated to sewing. In all honesty I prefer to be the other side of a camera but was somehow persuaded to give live tv a go! Sewing Quarter launched in January 2017 and was hugely successful for a couple of years until folding late 2019. I'm proud to have been one of the original guest designers contributing to its success and popularity in it's early years. I still enjoy reaching the stitching community that continue to follow my work on other channels such as Natasha Makes and The Craft Store (previously Hochanda).

Over the past couple of years I’ve designed a range of quilting patterns specifically for ruler work. My pattern collection offers something for all skill levels and the projects are a great aid to ruler work development. The versatile Squared Up Series enables you to use the block designs on projects of your choice, both big and small.

Check out the full range in my Shop.

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