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The Fanciful Feather Duo consists of two patterns.

The traditional Fanciful Feathers and the contemporary Fanciful Feathered Leaf pattern. 2 x A4 8pp, fully illustrated step-by-step instruction booklets.

Both are 18" square block designs. 


The designs are inspired by traditional Welsh and North Country wholecloth quilts and are created with the Westalee 4pc Feather Set and the 5pc Feathered Leaf Set.


I wanted to create patterns accessible to all skill levels and although they look complex they are quite simple to stitch. Each is based around just two motif's which are repeated.

Optional centre designs are also included using the Westalee Sampler Set, Spin-e-fex Feathers set of 4 and Spin-e-fex 13.


The 18" designs create stunning stand alone mini wholecloth quilts but they can also be used for other projects such as bags and cushions. Stitch multiples together to make larger quilts, table or bed runners - the choice is yours!


When new to ruler work, large projects can often feel intimidating. Small projects are perfect practice pieces, help build your confidence and improve your technique.


I hope these patterns will also inspire you to play with design - don’t be afraid to go off-piste and add your own modifications when the inspiration strikes!


The instructions cover how to stitch each design within an 18” square.
You will need: A fabric sandwich approx 21" x 21" or a FQ will suffice.


Westalee Templates required: 4pc Feather Set, 5pc Feathered Leaf set & 12" Arc.

Optional Designs: 6 piece Sampler Set, Spin-e-fex Feathers (4pc) & Spin-e-fex 13.

Fanciful Feather Duo

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