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Petal Power showcases just how easy, versatile and effective simple curves can be in quilting designs. All of the petals are stitched using curves from the Westalee Sampler Set. 

The 6” Spiral, 4” Arc and 3” Clamshell. 


The design will hopefully inspire and give you confidence to apply similar quilting designs to your patchwork projects. After all, seams make great crosshair guidelines. It’s also great to *TempLee Quilt.


The pattern takes you step-by-step through stitching out the Petal Power design with Angie’s detailed diagrams showing template position and stitching direction.


The design can be used singularly on a bag or cushion, or stitch repeats to make table runners and quilts. 


Petal Power is illustrated at 14” square but can easily be stitched larger with more space between the outer design and centre motif or, by adjusting the size of the outer petals.


*TempLee Quilting is a Westalee Design term for a reverse appliqué technique achieved during the quilting process.


Petal Power - Digital Quilting Instructions

  • A4 6pp PDF. 2.2MB

    You'll receive a link to download your digital product in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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