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Quilted with and designed to carry Westalee Design Starter & Sampler Set
A4 8pp, fully illustrated step-by-step instructions.

This fun small project will give you creative practice with your templates and reward you with a beautiful yet functional storage solution for your Westalee Starter and Sampler Set templates. The inner pockets can be made from fabric, plastic or mesh. Perfect to keep in your sewing room or carry to a class.

The versatile pattern can be modified to hold different contents or use the outer quilt pattern to make a table top protector.

Templates used:
12” Arc
6” Spiral
Spinning Wheel 36
Spin-e-fex no. 4
2” Circle
1” Clamshell

Finished Size: 9.75" x 22"

(0.5m each of two fabrics will make the ruler roll, all pockets, binding and ties)
• 1 x fabric panel (Outer) approx 13” x 25”, a plain or blender fabric will work well and can be pieced
• 1 x 13” x 25” backing fabric (unseen) for outer quilted pattern
• 1 piece of Wadding (13” x 25”)
• 1 x fabric panel (Inner) 9.75” x 22”, a contrasting patterned fabric will work well and can be pieced
• Light/medium weight fusible interfacing 9.75” x 22” (optional)
Pockets: can be made from plastic, mesh or fabric
• Outer Binding: (2.5” x 70”)
• Thread of choice

Quilted Ruler Roll Instruction Booklet

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