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Our new Sew Steady 4pc Suspension System will allow you to finish your quilt tops and quilt blocks with ease! Ideal for providing support on a variety of quilted projects.



4pc Includes:

  • 4 Clamp Arms, approximately 27″ in length
  • 4 Fabric Spacer Tubes


Tips for Using the Suspension System Arms on Bigger Projects. 

  • Add more arms – 4+ arms will be needed
  • Keep a loop in the arm to help support the added weight
  • Team up the arms.  Put two arms together to support more weight.
  • Clamp your project further away from the machine.  If you can move you machine away from the edge of the table, counter or desk so your clamps can but spread out this will help hold up the project better.


See it in action! Watch Kate Quinn assemble and use the new Sew Steady Suspension System:


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